Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Didama's native place in India's pre-partitioned East Bengal

Our forefathers happen to come from then East Bengal before 1947 partition of India. In my effort to show my maternal grandmother, her fond memories of childhood in Chittagong in 1920s,30s and 40s, I corresponded and got the help of people from US, Canada, India and current Bangladesh sometime in 2007. I got great help from Bangali-Bondhu yahoogroup. Finally I was able to get a few photographs of the place of her childhood. It is called Ranir Dighi in colloquial in Chittagong Bangladesh

The house is one of the houses visible on the east side of Ranir Dighi. However my grandmother(Didama) was unable to pin-point the exact house as lot of things seem to have changed in last 70 years.

My Grandmother - Alo Rani Roy also remembers her classmates in school who had participated in the Chittagong uprising against British.

Lot of thanks are due to my friends Arnab of Canada, Xiaur Rahman of Chittagong and other friends in Bangali-Bondhu yahoogroup.

My grandmother happens to be a spirited lady and quite well-learned for her times. Being part of the times of Chittagong revolution, she is always filled with nationalistic fervour. When she named her younger son Shibaji after the maratha warrior king Shivaji little did my grandmother know how her elder daughter would be living major part of the adult life in Maharashtra.