Thursday, May 18, 2006

I am reminded of a statement by Sri Ramakrisna Paramhansa after his
visit to Iswar ch. Vidyasagar.
In the course of the discussions ,Vidyasagar asks the Paramhansa
whether all people are equal. To this the Paramhansa tells to his
disciples afterwards, that inspite of becoming a great man ,Vidyasagar
had been unable to realize that people are unequal just as the fingers
of the hand are. This is read from the "Sri Ramakrisna Kathamrita".
It is hence that some people realize this but some don't. I have seen
this phenomenon in my surroundings and in every activity of daily
life. People tend to disregard the effect they are having on the
Why is it that we have only one Prime Minister and/or President in
each nation and not all of them are Prime Ministers and/or Presidents?
Why is it that we have stars in the film industry ?
It is in this respect and in light of your previous mails on this
group that I recognise you as a leading light within this yahoogroup.
Whether/When you will realize that is another matter altogether,isn't it?
Are u sure about the I&B thing?
I have read about such attempts in the US in the constant mails sent
by Puma Claws on that the state is spying
on its citizens.
Sometime in recent history, I remember the yahoogroups being totally
banned within political India(estd.1947) due to the activities within
a particular yahoogroup dedicated to some militants in the seven
sister states.
To add to the above, there is an excellent Hollywood movie of the name
"The Enemy of the state" starring Will Smith showing such a
possibility in chilling detail. I would definitely rate this movie
among the best I have seen on the topic of political science and
I really am scared at the possibility of such a scenario happening
with me ,especially since my postings are fairly outrageous in nature
and some may indeed stand on the edge between anti-national and
pro-national activity defined in 19th century European terms.
I hope a mail to you in such an unlikely scenario occurring will
bring me relief from the state machinery just as Gene Hackman did for
Will Smith in the movie.

--- In, misra barid wrote:
> > Awwww come on. I hardly write these days. You are a profilic writer
and hold you in high esteem. all that cheeses me off are posts (not by
you) that are decidedly old news. I am sure you understand which are
the ones I am talking about. Secondly, some are too sensitive a topic
that i dont want to contribute to for reasons best known to me. All
yahoogroups posts are being constantly monitored by I&B ministry sleuths.
> > regards
> > barid
> > Ganadeva B wrote:
> Dear Barid da,
> > It seems more appropriate to say that you are already a leading light
> in this yahoogroup by the quality of your posting and your presence is
> already invaluable.
> > I am not sure if any harm has been done by my previous posting but
> accept my apologies, in case there is any; it has been written by me
> in good faith.
> > regards,
> GB
> > > --- In, misra barid wrote:
> > > > > > It was meant strictly for Jennifer. And you will agree that I have
> freedom of speech, as much as everyone else has, evidenced by GB's
> reply to my mail to Jennifer. Feel free and be the leading light, for
> I have no intention whatsoever to join any race. Too tired for all
> that!!!!
> > > > regards
> > > > barid
> > > > Ganadeva B wrote:
> > Hi,
> > > > I have a nagging feeling Mr.Barid(Barid da, if u please) seems to
> > have mistakenly posted to the entire group instead of to Ms.Jennifer
> > in particular considering the intimate nature of discussions taking
> > place in the mail 12763.
> > > > I do pray that leading members on this public forum are setting a
> > better example at public discourse.
> > > > Feel free to correct me if I am wrong,
> > GB
> > > > > > > > > > --- In, misra barid wrote:
> > > > > > > > > Dearest Jennifer,
> > > > > > The names are beautiful and they seem to have a musical element
> about
> > > them. I am sure your child would grow up to be a beautiful human
> being,
> > > which is a rare species these days. But with a mother like you,
> > > child will flourish in life. My best wishes to you and your
> > > family.
> > > > > > As for myself, the chips were down a bit -- my ex-wife served a
> court
> > > notice on me and there were strains at work place. But my wife
> loves me
> > > soooo much (if she had her way, she would have breast-fed me like a
> > > mother) that my joy ends up overwhelming my pains. But then, the
> > > universally encompasses the unique troika of the mother, the
> > daughter and
> > > the spouse. And I have no complaints.
> > > > > > Besides, I am between jobs. I shall be joining the Indian Express
> > > group as Deputy News Editor of Financial Express on the 22nd. But
> > that is
> > > not what I really want to do. I need more time to finish writing my
> > > book, which is progressing at a snail's pace. But I must get over
> > with it
> > > (I am sure going to get either the Booker or the Nobel, he he).
> > > hopes, they say, contribute to the axiom "Higher the rise, greater
> > is the
> > > fall". I am getting increasingly involved in writing and, don't
> get me
> > > wrong, juvenile interactions do not really evince any interest
in me
> > > any more. I am getting old. But i have not given up on dreaming. I
> > follow
> > > dreams as I believe there is more romanticism in following dreams
> than
> > > achieving them.
> > > > > > But I am lucky enought to realise that I must give back to life
> what
> > > I have taken from it all these years. I am faced with my moment of
> > > truth and I hope I will be able to meet it squarely.
> > > > > > Please keep writing because I enjoy your posts as they talk about
> > > life, not empirical facts, bigotry, religious zeal or mundane,
> > > listless, meaningless turns of events that often make me wonder
> > whether we
> > > have really been able to separate men from boys here. Please write
> more
> > > and more.
> > > > > > > > > > > > With affection
> > > > > > Barid da

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