Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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New Quota Call: Reserve Space for SC/ST Scientists

The Chairman of the National Scheduled Caste Commission, Suraj Bhan, feels that
premier scientific research centres like Indian Space Research Organisation
(ISRO) and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) should be
opened up for reservations for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

"There is no reservation for scientists. We have now demanded that there should
be total quota for all categories, without any exception," Bhan says.
Now, Muslims demand quota in politics, jobs,001302220000.htm

Quota demand from yet another quarter

REPRESENTATIVES OF religious and linguistic minorities? groups have demanded
reservation for their community in government educational institutions and jobs.
Speaking before the National Commission for Religious And Linguistic Minorities
at Yojna Bhawan on Thursday, some of the members suggested that the SC ceiling
on reservation of 50 per cent should be done away with.,0015002500000005.htm

Quota II: Punjab OKs free power for SCs, poor or rich it doesn?t matter

Not just IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, over 100 more institutes, public and private, in 27%
OBC quota net: from Pune?s Symbiosis to TIFR, Manipal to BITS. Arjun Singh?s
latest Bill proposal also asks UGC to fix fees as per quotas, even threatens
punitive action

After OBC quota, it's annual budget for SC/STs

A meeting of Group of Ministers (GoM) on Dalit Affairs on Wednesday recommended
earmarking of 22.5 per cent of the annual budget for Scheduled Castes and
Scheduled Tribes under the special component plan.
IIT-Kanpur & IIM-Bangalore Faculty opposes caste based reservation

After Premji, Murthy says NO to reservation

Meira says SC quota must rise to 16.23 per cent

IF HRD Minister Arjun Singh can do it, why not Meira Kumar? The social justice
and empowerment minister wants an increase in quota levels for scheduled castes,
commensurate with their population.

On Sunday, Kumar said a proposal to raise reservations for SCs from the existing
15 per cent to 16.23 per cent was being "favourably" considered by her ministry.
The government had last revised the quota level for SCs in 1970 in light of the
1961 census. Kumar believes it is time for another revision, especially since 68
additional castes have been notified as SCs.,0015002500000000..htm

People ought not to confuse reservation with Afermative Action (AA). When people
here talk about AA carried out by companies like IBM in the U.S., they are
unfortunately unaware that AA is not mandatory there. It is totally voluntary.
AA does not mean job reservation

Arun Shourie questions very notion of quotas in new book

Those who are making the new India by their innovations, hard work and by
striving for excellence must speak up. They must organise.

TOI EDITORIAL: Caste vs Class

The time is ripe for a rethink on the OBC category and the policy of equating
caste with class. Several proposals have been thrown up in the last few weeks on
how to fine-tune the reservation policy and ensure that it reaches those who
really need it. Hopefully, the government is listening. ? Editorial ? On very shifty ground

The danger in pursuing such divisive politics is that very soon there may be no
more sections in the education and job pie to carve up and serve. It is one
thing to want to aid the underprivileged. It is quite another to keep expanding
the composition of the underprivileged, where the term ?backward? is just a
euphemism for assured employment. Ms Kumar?s ?vision? helps neither social
justice nor empowers any section of society. It only perpetuates and
democratises disabilities.,0012.htm

ET: Quotas: A futile exercise : MANOJ PANT

Dr Ramadoss plays the boss, pushes AIIMS chief to brink
Crisis: Saying institute autonomy at stake, Dr Venugopal threatens to quit; he
may face action, says meddling minister

Resident docs support Venugopal, threaten to resign

Ramadoss overrides director's choice

Scheme for OBC students in Delhi. Government to pay Rs. 1000 for boarding per
month per student from M.P.

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday charged Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss
with humiliating All-India Institute of Medical Sciences Director P. Venugopal
and creating a situation detrimental to the institution's prestige.

AIIMS row: Anbumani warns of action

If AIIMS is to play the role in the country’s health sector that was envisaged
by Parliament — and that the institute, for all the talk of resource crunch,
has shown it is capable of — it must be freed from political interference.
Ramadoss is right to be worried about reviving public opinion in favour of
AIIMS. But by meddling and thereby overturning administrative procedures, he is
becoming part of AIIMS’s problem. At this advanced stage of the crisis, the
onus is on him to rescue AIIMS from politicisation. That can only be done by
respecting the autonomy of the institute and its director. Indian Express
Editorial and

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