Tuesday, October 30, 2007

on youngsters and sadhana

"The youngsters are now in the stage of sadhana. They are aspirants.
For them the only thing now is renunciation. A sannyasi must not look
even at the portrait of a woman. I say to them: 'Don't sit beside a
woman and talk to her, even if she is a devotee. You may say a word or
two to her, standing.' Even a perfect soul must follow this precept
for his own protection and also to set an example to others. When
women come to me, I too say to them after a few minutes, 'Go-and visit
the temples.' If thev don't get up, I myself leave the room. Others
will learn from my example
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Excerpt from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (Swami Nikhilananda Pub
1944) Vol 2: At the Star Theatre (I): Friday, September 19, 1884

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