Friday, November 23, 2007


`Sir, how can one develop divine love?'

Through restlessness- -the restlessness a child feels for his mother.
The child feels bewildered when he is separated from his mother, and
weeps longingly for her. If a man can weep like that for God he can
even see Him.
(Ramakrishna, `The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna' )

Developing such deep, dynamic inner whispers is sure to bring a
response from God. Constantly, unceasingly, whisper to Him of your
eternal love, of your burning desire to commune with Him.
Of greatest help in your development is the habit of mental
whispering to God. You will see a change in yourself that you will
like very much. No matter what you do, God should be constantly in
your mind…Transmute petty desires into one great desire for Him.
Your mind should continually whisper, `Night and day, night and day,
I look for Thee night and day.'
(Paramahansa Yogananda, `God First, a Retreatant's Pocket Companion)

Desire Me, you are under My Grace; desire Me, your God; desire Me,
your Father - let Me feel that you do not belong to the world. Please
Me flower and turn to Me, seeking My Light. Be thirsty for Me. Just
like a flower which needs a keeper to maintain its beauty, need Me,
need My Light, need My Springs. … Come now, rest in Me. We, us?
(Jesus to Vassula, True Life in God)

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