Sunday, April 9, 2006

49.5% reservation in premier Indian higher education institutions

 Frankly I do not understand what the fuss is all about. There is a bigger question which is sought to be avoided. That is whether the educationists deserve the independence to admit students based on their criterion of merit or whether such decisions are to be enforced on them. If the industries and IT companies can have independence in hiring workers based on their criterion what is the problem with allowing the same independence to the college and university directorial boards.

 After all if they are unable to compete they will have to shutdown their colleges and universities just like uncompetitive companies shutdown or imcompetent workers get thrown out of workplaces.

Why cannot we have a uniform education policy at the post SSC level rather than having this modern Indian caste system of IITs and IIMs,etc? After all each and every Indian deserves to be the best in this globalisation age. Why  a selected few? and that also in a water tap sort of arrangement. where 14 lac students are running behind 5,000 seats of IIMs and such. Isn't the large number of suicides and nervous breakdowns in Indian students a pointer to the drawbacks of this rat-race arrangement of education?

When will education reach the Indian rather than Indians running after it???

I am all and 100% for this proposal and 0% against it. Because this will bring the IITs and IIMs on par with the other Indian institutions who are hampered by such rules. Atleast there will be a level playing field for all colleges and universities... For I have seen colleges and universities where good teachers and students do not get a chance because they do not enjoy the same degree of freedom that the privileged high caste members of IITs, IIMs and other privileged Indian institutes do.

In fact I will advise all non-IITians and non-IIMians to avoid wasting their time and energy and do something for their respective institutions which do not have the sort of political and governmental support that these modern Indian high-caste institutions enjoy.

Do not behave like the old hindi saying "Beganey shaadi mein abdul deewana".

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