Monday, April 17, 2006

Points of a pro-reservation petition in "Indian higher education institutions"


Points of a "pro-reservation/holistic higher education policy" petition
with a positive outlook

1.Pending an across the board competitive quality improvement,
reservations should be maintained and if necessary, increased to allow
deprived sections to have a better chance of success in the leading
higher education centers of India.

2.Possibility of abstracting IITs/IIMs to the level of a award for an
institution on the lines of citizen/military awards so as to enable a
level playing field for all colleges and universities and improve the
quality and breadth of education to cover advances in presently
unconventional fields like environmentally friendly methods of study,
biological fuels, indigineous culture and technology, native and
localised industrial methods,etc. in addition to the curriculum of
present dy Indian universities.

3. Development of low-cost and useful education to allow a broader and
more useful definition of literacy taking into account the skillsets
of specific social groups.

4. Development of surplus capacity in such quality higher education to
allow S.Asian and non-Indian students to have affordable and high
quality education as was the trend in ancient universities of Taxila
and Nalanda.

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